Coat Stripping and Thinning

Here at Posh Pooches Ltd, we provide coat stripping and thinning services for dogs throughout Yeovil. If your pooch is getting ready for a show or they just need a good trim, bring them to our salon today. Our team have years of experience grooming dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments, and we will ensure they are kept comfortable throughout the treatment. We offer expert hand stripping and coat thinning and will tailor our services to your dog and their coat type, therefore making sure their fur is kept healthy and in the best condition.

For more information, get in touch with us today for any enquiries or to book an appointment.

dog after hand stripping

What is Hand Stripping?

Some dogs cannot be groomed with a shave or haircut as their coat is better suited to hand stripping. This is a type of grooming method that removes all the dead excess hair from a coat, leaving a smooth and healthy texture. For some coats, traditional clipping methods can cause dullness. Instead of stripping away the dead hair, it is just trimmed which leaves no room for new hair to grow. Our services are completely dependent on your dog’s breed and coat type, and our specialist team will be able to advise and recommend the best technique for your pet. Furthermore, we also recommend starting these treatments as early as you can, as it will keep your puppy’s coat shiny and get them acclimatised to a salon setting.

Local Dog Groomers

We are local dog groomers with many years of experience. Therefore, we will make the grooming as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We offer completely painless stripping and thinning services, and we will ensure your dog is comfortable and secure throughout their time with us.

dog having it's fur cut

Contact Posh Pooches Ltd

To book coat stripping and thinning for your dog in Yeovil, get in touch with Posh Pooches Ltd today. Our well-equipped salon has a range of specialist equipment including large grooming tables and walk-in showers rooms, and we provide a truly dog-friendly environment. Contact us today to book your pet in with our team.

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